Grandima is a full-service Internet marketing and SEO company offering innovative web marketing solutions to mid to large size companies across the Iran. As a leader in SEO, ecommerce, website conversion, and Internet marketing services, our firm prides ourselves on driving traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver real results for our clients.



Honesty with customers is one of Grandim's core values. It is in keeping with the value that the whole process is transparent, with accurate and accurate information.


High operation speed

Alongside quality, Grundima focuses on the speed of implementation of projects in all areas, as timely implementation of a project is as important as its quality.


Continuous Work Report

Grundima believes that it is your right to always be aware of the status of your project implementation, and we respect it.

Our Services

Stay and shine in the competitive environment of businesses by formulating accurate, new and up-to-date digital marketing strategies, professionally designing and executing advertising campaigns, producing rich and creative content, analyzing and analyzing the actions taken as well as improving the website rankings in a possible Google search engine. Can be. Grandima, a group of digital marketing professionals, provides you with the knowledge, expertise and skills you need.


SEO, Search Exprience Optimization

SEO is the most important specialty of the Grundima team, led by Ali Hosseini, experienced director of SEO brands such as Djikala, Alibaba and others. It has the power to turn your business into a Google search page and even a market leader.


Google AD

Undoubtedly most internet users today are looking for answers to their questions on Google. Google Ads are one of the best advertising channels for sale. Grundima helps you manage and manage this kind of advertising.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Your business needs a professional digital marketing strategy to start or improve the digital business process. Grandima will accompany your business from start to finish, delivering the best and clearest digital marketing strategies by a team of professionals.

SEOLAB is a choice

SEOLAB is not a simple workshop or class, SEOLAB is a way of life you laugh, cry, play and get a whole lot of technical and non-technical experience! In addition to being a lab and a school, SEOLAB is also a social responsibility for us. It is our responsibility to support talented and motivated people. We strive to identify, in various ways, talented SEO people and even talented individuals (startups and small businesses) who need SEO help and even support them with the financial scholarships we are able to provide. So if you know yourself as a talented and motivated person, don't worry about the cost!

Our Clients

Build your page section by section! We have created multiple options for you to put together and customise into pixel perfect pages. From headers to footers, you will be able to choose the best combination for your project.

Alibaba (Ali Hosseini is EX SEO master of Alibaba)






Jabama (Ali Hosseini is EX SEO master of Alibaba)


Our Clients Love Us

You need more information? Check what other persons are saying about our service. They are very happy with their purchase.

"Grandima is a smart, motivated and knowledgeable SEO team who has significantly contributed to the increase of our organic traffic. Their deep knowledge of on-site SEO and modern web applications have guided our development team to improve the performance of"


"Although Ali worked in my team for a short time (around a year) I could see he has good knowledge on his field as SEO expert. he has the ability to plan for an agile team and run the plan, communicate with tech and marketing teams to achieve their support on his plan. I think he will level up his expertise with focusing on his technical talent."


"I have heard, there is a guy who can make our SEO situation much more better, a while before ali started his job beside my tram. You can feel 2 things about him, during job doing, that makes him different from others: 1- He really knows what he is doing and alway has plans for next season even year! 2- You do not need to manage him, unlike others, to get the job done. If you want to take a big step in your online marketing, i would recommend ali, without hesitate."

Our Team

You need more information? Check what other persons are saying about our product. They are very happy with their purchase.

Ali Hosseini

CEO / Founder

Maral Abbasi Rad

CMO / Co-founder

Nesa Akbari

Public Relation Director